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Winter variety pack Tyrol chocolate

Winter variety pack Tyrol chocolate

This is a winter variety pack of Tyrol chocolate with 25 pieces of 5 types!

Caramel Coffee Almond Flavor... Crispy almonds and caramel coffee chocolate give it a mature taste.

Pistachio flavor: The queen of nuts, pistachio flavor, with a mild, fragrant sweetness and richness.
Crunchy strawberry flavor...The crunchy texture of waffle crunch and fiantine is addictive.
Winter Tyrol flavor...Tirol chocolate with a smooth melt-in-your-mouth flavor that is limited to winter.
White biscuit flavor: Bittersweet black cocoa biscuit wrapped in white chocolate.

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Name: Semi-chocolate Contents: 25 pieces Please see the second image for ingredients.Expiration date: 2024.08
Seller: Tyrol Choco Co., Ltd.

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