Welcome to the Tateyama Thunderbird online shop


・We have started selling original songs in the digital content section! Please take a look!

・Domestic shipping is a flat rate of 200 yen, and shipping is free for purchases over 5,000 yen!! (We have also started shipping some apparel items overseas, and currently offer free international shipping!)

・No membership registration is required, and you can pay with Amazon Pay or Apple Pay, which do not require you to enter your address. There are also many other payment methods available, including Rakuten Pay, PayPay, credit cards, and deferred payment (Paidy).

  • Address: 6-1 Yokoe, Tateyama-cho, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama 930-1377

    TEL: 076-483-3331

    Fax: 076-483-3833

    Map (Google map) 
  • access

    Nearest station: Toyama Chihou Railway Tateyama Line "Yokoe Station"

    4 minutes walk from the station

  • business hours

    6:00-18:00 (Open all year round)
    We are also open during the year-end and New Year holidays.

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We created a Tateyama Thunderbird Museum corner! (May 2012)

We've embedded Instagram posts into our online shop! (May 2012)

Please follow us to check the latest information!

We have posted the menu of the items sold in our actual store! (April 2012)

We have started selling digital content (music)! (April 2012)

Get your heart pumping with unique beats!

The theme song was created using generative AI! (March 2012)

I would be happy if you could listen to it many times!

Change of font, addition of convenience store products, etc. (March 2014)

We have made the following changes to our online shop.

・Changed the font to a dot pattern

・Display of posts by X

・Layout change

・Partial integration of product categories

・Added many convenience store products!

We would like to continue to make improvements to make Tateyama Thunderbird a store that everyone can enjoy, so we look forward to your continued support of Tateyama Thunderbird!

Happy New Year (January 24)

Thank you for your continued support this year

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to everyone who was affected by the 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake, which occurred on January 1, 2024 and whose epicenter was in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture.

At Tateyama Thunderbird, the shaking was felt at a magnitude 5 on the intensity scale, and the product shelves were shaken, but there were no bottles falling, and there was no damage.
We are open as usual.

Our online shop is also open as usual.

Appeared in a Toyama Daihatsu commercial (November 2013)

Tateyama Thunderbird appears in Toyama Daihatsu commercial (long version)

Here we are!!


Toyama is a great place!
Driving by car is the best...!!!

I created a Facebook account (October 23)

If you have the chance to visit our physical store in Toyama, be sure to check in!


I also started a blog!! (October 2013)

Good day Good evening

Thank you for visiting the Tateyama Thunderbird online shop!!

The online shop started in June, and the hot summer has passed, and now the season has changed and the scent of osmanthus wafts through the city.In the mornings and evenings, the coolness has completely disappeared and it feels chilly.

Over the past five months, we have had many customers visit our site and purchase our products. We are very grateful to all of our staff.

From now on, I would like to continue posting mini-sized articles on my blog, focusing on original goods and local souvenirs, that I would like to deliver to everyone!

Best regard

Opening a store at Ginza Loft! (September 2011)

Komichi no Eki is a new store that opened on September 29th (Friday) on the first floor of Ginza Loft ( @loft_ginza ), where food and miscellaneous goods from Japan and the world are gathered.

With the theme of Japanese convenience stores, which have many fans from overseas travelers, "Komichi no Convenience Store" focuses on local convenience stores.
Tateyama Thunderbird is collaborating with local convenience stores across the country to open stores for a limited time!

We have prepared original goods that are popular at real shops in Tateyama, Toyama Prefecture, goods that we have recently prepared, and attractive local products from Toyama Prefecture! !

The store is scheduled to be open until October 25th (Wednesday).
If you are shopping in Ginza or sightseeing in Tokyo, please come to Ginza Loft! !

About us

Tateyama Thunderbird is a local convenience store located at the entrance to the road to the Tateyama mountain range in Toyama Prefecture.

We opened in 1996 with the desire to provide nutritious meals for those who enjoy mountain climbing, hiking, and skiing.

We currently stock a wide variety of products, including wild game rice balls and unique sandwiches, gourmet foods that are beyond delicious, tobacco from around the world, local souvenirs selected by the store manager, and original goods designed by the store manager.

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  • Overview and history

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Tateyama Thunderbird physical store


We make up to 108 types of sandwiches by hand every day, using ingredients from Toyama.

We have a variety of different sandwiches and classic cutlet sandwiches.

rice ball

We use Koshihikari rice grown in Toyama, and we make a wide variety of handmade rice balls every day, such as game rice balls that are deliciously cooked with bears, wild boars, crocodiles, rabbits, etc.

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