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Canned cod roe

Canned cod roe

This long-established canned side dish from Ishikawa Prefecture is also recommended as an emergency food or preserved food in times of disaster!

When you open a somewhat retro tin can that has remained unchanged since the Taisho era, you will find a huge cod roe that has been carefully selected and cooked in a secret sauce made from Kanazawa Ohno soy sauce. It is given. Its sweet soy sauce flavor goes well with rice and alcohol, and it has been loved by generations.

When you take a bite, it tastes somewhat nostalgic. If you pour it over rice, you'll end up eating several bowls before you know it. It is rarely sold outside of the three Hokuriku prefectures (Ishikawa, Fukui, and Toyama), and is a local food that can only be obtained in Hokuriku.

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Name: Seasoned cod roe Solid amount: 50g
Please see the second image for ingredients Expiration date: 2026.11.13

Seller: Shinya Co., Ltd. 81-1 Akejimacho Naka, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture

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