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Additive-free Snacks Routh Konbu Pocket IN (1 piece)

Additive-free Snacks Routh Konbu Pocket IN (1 piece)

Toyama Prefecture ranks first in the nation in kelp consumption. We have started selling kelp snacks selected by our online shop staff from among the many Toyama kelp gourmet foods.

Pocket IN is a ``snacks kelp'' made by cutting Laus kelp, the king of kelp, into strips in its natural state. The size of each piece of kelp is 1cm✖️7.5cm, about 20 to 25 pieces, 14cm in height, easy to fit in your pocket, and comes in a zipper bag that is convenient to carry.

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・This product is sold as one piece.

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Contents: 15g

Ingredients: Kelp (from Rausu, Hokkaido)

Processor: Yotsumono Konbu Co., Ltd. 339-5 Iku Naka-ku, Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture

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