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Kerorin hot tub strap

Kerorin hot tub strap

We have started selling Toyama souvenirs selected by our online shop staff from among the many wonderful Toyama items.

There has been a system of medicine sales in Toyama for a long time, and there have been many pharmaceutical companies in Toyama Prefecture for a long time. The headache medicine ``kerorin'' is also popular. It seems that the public bath tubs that were advertised by Kerorin became popular. This is a miniature version of Kerorin's bucket made from the same material as the real thing, and is a cute strap that can be attached to your keys or bag. If you try adding it to sauna or hot spring goods, it will probably attract attention. There are many famous hot springs in Toyama, so why not take them on a hot spring tour?

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Contents is 1 piece.

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Size: Diameter 3.8cm✖️Height 2cm

Weight: 5g

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