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Sea of ​​Japan Miso Yuki-chan's Koji Miso

Sea of ​​Japan Miso Yuki-chan's Koji Miso

For people from Hokuriku, drinking miso soup made with this miso is a nostalgic taste that instantly makes you feel like you're back in your hometown...
It is 500g.

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Name: Rice miso Solid amount: 500g✖️1 bag Ingredients: Soybeans (imported or domestically produced), rice, salt/alcoholic expiration date: June 19, 2024

Manufacturer: Nihonkai Miso Soy Sauce Co., Ltd. (22 Nishinaka-cho, Kamichi-cho, Nakashinkawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture)

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# Yuki-chan's Koji Miso
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