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Emergency portable toilet 1 use

Emergency portable toilet 1 use

A portable emergency toilet that is safe in case of disaster, water outage, or power outage!
Great for outdoor activities and long drives.

・Even if you don't have access to water, you can quickly make a simple toilet. ・Even if you don't have a Western-style toilet, you can use a bucket, etc.
・The coagulant also shuts out odors!
・Thick waste bag prevents leakage ・Comes with a disposal bag so you can use it anywhere

Instructions for use are written on the back of the packaging bag.

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[About the product]

Name: 1 emergency portable toilet

Material: Filth bag/disposal bag/polyethylene, coagulant/(high molecular polymer), deodorizer, wood powder
Set contents: 1 filth bag (approximately 65 cm wide ✖️ 50 cm tall) 1 processing bag (Approximately 18 cm wide ✖️ 45 cm tall) ・1 piece of coagulant

Kokubo Industries Co., Ltd.

#Emergency portable toilet 1 use

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