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Shizuoka B-class gourmet showdown! "Fujinomiya Yakisoba 200g x 3 meals" vs "Hamamatsu Gyoza 300g (15 pieces) x 2 trays" Series A

Shizuoka B-class gourmet showdown! "Fujinomiya Yakisoba 200g x 3 meals" vs "Hamamatsu Gyoza 300g (15 pieces) x 2 trays" Series A

This product is an assortment of Shizuoka's local gourmet "Fujinomiya Yakisoba" and "Hamamatsu Gyoza"!
You can enjoy two types of B-class gourmet food at the same time.
Comes with instructions on how to bake gyoza!

■Product name: “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” & “Hamamatsu Gyoza” A
[Fujinomiya Yakisoba]
Cooked noodles 200g x 3 servings, with dashi powder
[Hamamatsu Gyoza]
300g (15 pieces) x 2 trays, 30 pieces in total ■Shelf life: 60 days frozen ■Delivery method: frozen delivery ■Packaging form: Fujinomiya yakisoba/bag Hamamatsu gyoza/tray, presentation box ■Ingredients:
[Hamamatsu Gyoza] Vegetables {cabbage (domestic), onion, leek, garlic, ginger}, flour, pork, lard, granular vegetable protein, sugar, vegetable oil, salt, fermented seasoning, prepared lard, starch, Spices, protein hydrolysates, scallop extract/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), (contains wheat, pork, soybeans, and sesame)
[Fujinomiya Yakisoba]
Cooked Yakisoba [Noodles (wheat flour, starch, salt, wheat protein, kansui, gardenia color), Worcestershire sauce, cabbage (domestic), vegetable oil, squid tempura, seasoned pork, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), caramel color, sorbidol , polysaccharide thickener, fragrance, (including other raw materials derived from soybeans and gelatin), dashi powder [seafood powder (sardines, mackerel), sea lettuce]

Since this product is a made-to-order item, there may be cases where the item is out of stock or delayed due to incorrect orders. We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

[Estimated shipping]: 3 - 8 business days *Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays [Cash on delivery]: Not possible

[Manufacturer name] Lapin IS Co., Ltd.
[Model number] SYG-12

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About [Hamamatsu Gyoza] This is a local gyoza from Hamamatsu that is one of the most consumed gyoza in Japan and started from food stalls after the war. Please try Hamamatsu Gyoza, which is fried in a circular shape in a frying pan and topped with boiled bean sprouts.
(This product does not come with "bean sprouts")

Many restaurants serve Hamamatsu gyoza with boiled bean sprouts.
Bean sprouts have the effect of eliminating the oiliness of the meat after eating gyoza.
Hamamatsu has many restaurants with a ratio of 6 servings of meat to 4 servings of vegetables, which is said to be one of the reasons why there is a large amount of meat because pig farming is popular.

●3 reasons to choose Hamamatsu Gyoza
(1) The key to deliciousness is in the skin!
The dough is thoroughly aged using high-quality flour to bring out the gluten in the flour, resulting in a thin, yet soft and chewy texture that resists tearing and stretches easily.
(2)Fresh meat is the key!
We are particular about using the freshest, domestically produced pork we use for our gyoza filling!
We mince fresh pork every day in our own factory in the amount we need.
(3) The cabbage, which is based on fresh vegetables, is cut at our own factory in order to take advantage of its crunchy texture and sweetness.We try to create a flavor that is gentle on the body and takes advantage of the natural flavors of the ingredients without relying on seasonings. Masu.

About [Fujinomiya Yakisoba] B-class goomel "Fujinomiya Yakisoba" is finally available fully cooked and frozen!
Two consecutive wins at the B-class local gourmet festival “B1 Grand Prix”!

●Fully cooked and frozen! Easy and hassle-free, just heat it up.
(1) Boil in boiling water for 8 minutes or microwave for 5 minutes (for 600W)
(2) Even after cooling down, the taste remains the same and does not harden.
(3) The color and crunchy texture of freshly stir-fried cabbage, which you won't believe is frozen ●Steamed noodles exclusively for Fujinomiya yakisoba! A springy and chewy noodle reminiscent of rice noodles with a strong chewiness and elasticity After the noodles are kneaded with flour and water and steamed, the standard manufacturing method involves boiling them again, but Fujinomiya's noodles are forcibly cooled. , coat the surface with oil.
Therefore, it has less moisture than other noodles, making it chewy and having a different texture.
In an era when refrigeration methods were not as available as they are today, in order to make them last longer and to make them suitable for peddling,
It is said that this manufacturing method has been established.
●A light and fruity special sauce A company secret sauce that is a blend of several types of dry Worcestershire sauce ●The secret ingredient is the unique richness of squid tempura, and the scent of squid tempura plays a supporting role ●It's best to add dashi powder just before eating Fujinomiya style! !
Arrange the yakisoba on a plate and pour generously over it.
For Fujinomiya yakisoba, shaved sardines are used. It is also fine and almost powder-like.
Our dashi powder contains a mix of mackerel and sardines with seaweed!

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